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The 8th Air Force's only Radar CounterMeasures (RCM) Squadron.
Dedicated to the men and women both air and ground who were the "Gremlins".


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The documents, illustrations, photo images, and other related material that appear on the 36th Bomb Squadron RCM website were contributed by the following:


Joseph P. Danahy                                
Murray Peden
William Hoagland                                
Dr. Robert F. Hambaugh, Jr.
Wayne Bailey                                     
Iredell Hutton
Charles Todaro                    
Peter Pragit
Leonard Backer                    
Donat Lafond
Vane Glendening                 
Charles Harris
Leon Hammer                                      
Joseph A. Bartus, Jr.
David G. Crosby III                            
Earl Siler
Jack Charlton                                      
William Hoagland
James Warner
Susan Styles Russell
Irl Fife  
Ray Zorn   
Chris Chrisner
Mrs. Victor E. Pregeant III

 Arthur Ledtke
Joseph R. Brookshire                             
Roger A. Freeman
William B. Stallcup                 
Steve Ferguson
Shirley Merrill                                     
Norman Olund
Leon Hendrickson                         
Weston Smith
Sam Ziff                                
Roland Morin
Roy Tackett                                         
Dick Mulligan
Sam Cole                                                
Roy Stroud  
Royce Kittle
Sam Sox Jr.                
Larry Van Noy
Rob Walden
Edward Dickinson
William Ingels
Andrew Barron
Gerhard Heilig
Janine Harrington

Air Force Historical Research Agency, Maxwell AFB, Alabama
Air Force Safety Agency, Norton AFB, CA and Kirtland AFB, NM

My greatest thanks to all.


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