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Memorial honoring Lt. Boehm Crewmen Memorial to Lt. Landberg Crewmen Lt. McCarthy Crew Memorial Memorial stone to Lt. Hornsby Airmen


  Herman J. Wolters
Died Jan. 19, 1945
Lt. McKibben crew
perished Feb. 5, 1945

Airmen of Lt. Joseph Hornsby's crew who died in the crash of Liberator #42-51226, R4-L near Boucly, France on November 10, 1944.
2nd Lt. Frederick G. Grey (navigator)
Sgt. Raymond G. Mears (gunner)
Sgt. Frank A. Bartho (gunner)

Airmen of Lt. Norman Landberg's crew who died in the take-off crash of Liberator #42-51219, R4-I near Cheddington, England on November 15, 1944.
2nd Lt. Walter S. Lamson (navigator)
Pfc. Leonard Smith (gunner)

Eight men of Lt. Harold Boehm's crew who were lost to the Irish Sea after parachuting from Liberator #42-51232, R4-J nicknamed The Jig's Up near Valley, Wales on December 22, 1944.
2nd Lt. William H. Lehner (navigator)
S/Sgt. Arthur R. Clemens (engineer)
S/Sgt. Harvey N. Nystrom (radio operator)
S/Sgt. Francis J. Lynch (radio operator)
S/Sgt. Andrew Zapotocky (gunner)
Sgt. Roger F. Gagne (gunner)
S/Sgt. Jaime Fonseca (gunner)
Sgt. Charles H. Dautel (gunner)

S/Sgt. Herman J. Wolters, (radio operator) who died as a result of electrical shock while on detached service and performing his duties at Namur, Belgium on January 19, 1945.

Lt. John W. McKibben's crew of ten in Liberator #42-51239, R4-C nicknamed The Uninvited who failed to return from their assigned operational mission on February 5, 1945. Those lost were:
2d Lt. John W. McKibben (pilot)
2d Lt. Gaylord Moulton (co-pilot)
2d Lt. Eugene H. Junkin (navigator)
S/Sgt. Raymond P. Brecht (engineer)
Sgt. Bruce E. Gist (radio operator)
S/Sgt. Galen A. Brooke (radar operator)
Sgt. Robert G. Brass (gunner)
Sgt. Max W. Oettle (gunner)
Sgt. Harold E. Eckert (gunner)
Sgt. Paul W. Frantz (gunner)

Airmen of Lt. Louis McCarthy's crew in Liberator #42-50385, R4-H nicknamed Beast of Bourbon who died in a take-off crash near Cheddington, England on February 19, 1945.
S/Sgt. Carl E. Lindquist (gunner)
Pvt. Fred K. Becker (gunner)
Pvt. Howard F. Haley (gunner)




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