Airmen of the 803rd Bomb Squadron Heavy Provisional



               Seen below is a list of men who initially comprised part of the 803rd Bomb Squadron (H) Provisional. Special Orders Number 156 released these men on detached service (DS) at RAF Sculthorpe with the 803BS to RAF Oulton on 16 May 1944. The men and their original organizations were:



Capt. George E. Paris                               306th BG

1st. Lt. Harold P. Preuss                          305th BG

S/Sgt. James A. Byrne                             311 Sig Co Bomb Div AAF 103

S/Sgt. Stillman R. Dunster                      305th BG

S/Sgt. James McFarlane                          445 Sub Depot AAF 117

S/Sgt. Wilbert Rider                                303rd BG

Sgt. John J. Harkins                                92nd BG

Sgt. Charles W. Sanders                         92nd BG

Sgt. Arnold Savatsky                              384th BG

Cpl. Frank F. Falter                                1st Sta Com Sq AAF 121

Cpl. Thomas R. Griffith                          303rd BG

Cpl. Thomas D. Hedgecock                   379th BG

Cpl. William E. Henry                            303rd BG

Cpl. Robert S. Jamieson                          92nd BG

Cpl. Donat E. Lafond                              303rd BG

Cpl. Charles E. Morton                           3rd Sta Com Sq AAF Sta 107

T/5 Jeremiah Pangburn                           1119 QM Co AAF 106

Cpl. Harry W. Smith                              1st Sta Com Sq AAF 121

Pfc. Herman A. Brown                           381st BG

Pfc. Clarence M. Corder                         91st BG

Pfc. Elton E. Stone                                  379th BG

Pvt. Leland W. Todd                               351st BG

Pvt. Jack B. Gilbert                                 303rd BG

Pvt. Vane N.L. Glendening                    303rd BG                       



               Special Orders Number 137 of 18 May 1944 stated that the following men were released from assignment from their respective organizations and placed on detached service with 803BS at  RAF Sculthorpe. Those included men from the following bomb groups were:


From 94th BG


1st. Lt. Howard H. Klimetz                                   T/Sgt. Edward D. Baldwin

T/Sgt. Durand B. Lovelace                                    S/Sgt. Alvin K. Reynolds

S/Sgt. Benjamin F. Roberts


From 95th BG


1st. Lt. William C. Gruelich                                 1st Lt. William P. Overstreet

T/Sgt. Vincent J. Areno                                         S/Sgt. Harry L. Bumgardner

S/Sgt. Horace L. Flynn                                         S/Sgt. Raymond A. Battistini

S/Sgt. Edward E. Caldwell                                    S/Sgt. Alton E. Markley

S/Sgt. Herbert C. Hoover                                      S/Sgt. Alvin S. Janeczko

S/Sgt. Howard C. Culbertson                               S/Sgt. Ira C. Muse


From 96th BG              


1st Lt. Charles M. Travis                                       1st Lt. Leon Vigdor

1st Lt. Kenneth A. Bevan                                       T/Sgt. Margind Zuckerman

S/Sgt. Nicholas Popadyn                                       S/Sgt. George E. O’Malley

S/Sgt. John Rovnak


From 385th BG


Capt. Robert G. Stutzman                                     Capt. Raymond A. Robinson

1st Lt. Walter B. Slade                                          1st Lt. William R. Hoagland

1st Lt. William F. Flagler                                      T/Sgt. Richard J. Davis

S/Sgt. James C. Wooden                                      S/Sgt. Harold H. Bogart

S/Sgt. Richard R. Long                                         S/Sgt. Joseph E. Simkins


From 388th BG


1st Lt. Richard O. Obenschain                            1st Lt. James B. Warner

1st Lt. James P. Ostler                                         T/Sgt. John R. Lopes

T/Sgt. Garven J. Pinciger                                     T/Sgt. George W. Wilson

S/Sgt. Robert W. Mier                                         S/Sgt. Bernard Berg

S/Sgt. Fred H. Belcher                                         S/Sgt. Jack C. Kings


From 390th BG


1st Lt. Harvey A. Paul                                          1st Lt. Wade L. Birmingham

1st Lt. Warren V. Smith                                        T/Sgt. George B. Ellison

T/Sgt. Kenneth L. Hagan                                      T/Sgt. Thomas Hennessey


From 447th BG


S/Sgt. Landis L. Pratt                                              

S/Sgt. Roy B. McGraw


From 100th BG


1st Lt. Donald Gilzinger                                                      

T/Sgt. Adam E. Rutkowski



               The following men were designated as Detachment A 858th Bomb Squadron (H) and placed on detached and/or temporary duty at RAF Oulton per Special Order Number 111 from Headquarters AAF Station 113 Cheddington dated 14 July 1944. These men became part of the 803BS. The officers and enlisted men were:


Capt. Jack G. Beamer                                                          Cpl Frank F. Falter

Capt. Charles V. Parker                                                       Cpl Vane N. L. Glendening

Capt. Robert M. Kinnard                                                     Cpl Thomas R. Griffith

1st. Lt. Eldon R. Bray                                                          Cpl Thomas D. Hedgecock

1st. Lt. Bernard E. Brodien                                                  Cpl William E. Henry

1st. Lt. Harold P. Preuss                                                      Cpl Robert S. Jamieson

1st. Lt. Malcolm Wolkowitz                                                Cpl Donat E. Lafond

2nd Lt. David F. Gould                                                       Cpl Charles E. Morton

2nd Lt. John Latvaitis                                                          Cpl Harry W. Smith

2nd Lt. David D. Merrill                                                     Tec 5 Jeremiah Pangburn

2nd Lt. Franklin R. Zatlin                                                    Pfc Herman A. Brown

WOJG Robert H. Springer                                                 Pfc Clarence M. Corder

S/Sgt. James A. Byrne                                                        Pfc Elton E. Stone

S/Sgt. Stillman R. Dunster                                                  Pvt Jack B. Gilbert

Sgt. John J. Harkins                                                            Pvt Leland W. Todd

Sgt. Densel L. Milem

Sgt. Charles W. Sanders

Sgt. Arnold Savatsky