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VHF Screen Missions -
Latitude/Longitude Orbit Positions

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Latitude/Longitude coordinates for 36BS VHF Screen



The purpose of the VHF screen was to screen the bomber division assembly. It was designed to prevent the enemy from monitoring VHF radio traffic of the 8AF bombers and also prevent them from gaining valuable information regarding the size of the force, the route to be flown, the bombing altitude, possible bomb targets, and related information.

It had been learned from captured enemy signal personnel and related documents that valuable information regarding 8AF operations was gained by the enemy monitoring VHF transmissions during assembly. To prevent this 36BS Liberators provided the VHF screen operations. The usual practice for squadron aircraft was for them to arrive at their orbiting stations two hours before zero hour and remain there until zero hour at which time they would turn their equipment off and return to base. The special screen equipment was turned on normally about thirty minutes after take off. The orbiting stations were set coordinates over the North Sea. The number of aircraft used on each screen ranged from four to eight; the usual number being six.

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