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Spoof Plan #3



New operations in support of the 8th Air Force began on the morning of 25 November. One morning in particular, the morning of 28 November heavies of the 8AF did not go out, but three Liberators from the 36th did. They orbited over the regular division assembly area to conduct a new deception. Their operation simulated the 8AF bomber force assembly by reading from a prepared dialogue over VHF (Very High Frequency). A MANDREL screen was also put up. The normal area screened each morning was from approximately 5150N-0230E to 5300N-0300E. Various tactics of an experimental nature were employed. Col. Sullivan, Director of Communications, 8AF stated that the results were very gratifying.

Next in December on two occasions, first on 1 December and then on 8 December, days on which the Bomb Divisions were grounded, the squadron flew a spoof dialogue mission in conjunction with the MANDREL screen. The purpose of this operation was to simulate the assembly of one of the Air Divisions. The spoof was directed by Lt. Alph Wesley from 417th Signal Battalion at 8AF Headquarters, Pinetree. These spoof dialogue operations consisted of three Liberators orbiting over an area ordinarily used for the assembly of one of the bomber divisions. A prepared script was read by crew members over VHF radio to simulate the actual assembly of a bomber division. The transmitted conversation was recorded by the Signals Section at 8AF Headquarters for study. However, no report was available as to the effectiveness of this type of operation.


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